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A Basic Life Support Ambulance, commonly referred to as a BLS Ambulance, provides basic life support to sick or elderly people on board. A typical life support ambulance is equipped with the latest medical equipment such as automated external defibrillators, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters and oxygen delivery services, with competent nurses to help the physically and emotionally unstable patient. Ambulance Call Medical Response is committed to providing the highest level of care to patients during transportation. A basic life support ambulance is usually an emergency ambulance that provides essential medical assistance during the transport of a patient to a hospital. Our staff provide the highest quality 24/7 medical and outpatient services. We Serve the Best Nursing Service & Medical with the best team of qualified doctors, nurses and other skilled workers are passionate about providing humanitarian service.

The services of Basic Life Support Ambulance in Delhi are mainly for life-threatening serious injuries. Ambulance On Call BLS ambulances are designed to provide their customers with enhanced medical support during transport. It provides adequate oxygen, blood transfusions, and other medications to help keep patients stable until they reach the hospital. On-call ambulances are staffed by highly trained paramedics who are able to efficiently handle emergencies that arise while transporting patients. Healthcare is provided by a team of qualified medical personnel, including medical technicians, paramedics and professional spectators.

  • Orthopedic injuries such as fractures
  • People who have been seriously injured in accidents
  • Patients who need complex care or rehabilitation

“Our entire family and I are very pleased with Marine life care Ambulance service efficient service to take my father to the hospital for the medical review. The medical staffs were courteous and assisted my father as their own family member. Take a bow Marine life care Ambulance service and thank you for your incredible srvice.”
Anil kumar , Delhi


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Our staff provides the highest quality 24-hour medical and outpatient services. Our team of qualified doctors, nurses, and other skilled workers is passionate and crazy about delivering humanitarian services.

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